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Monday, December 30, 2013

On sea trial Car Carrier Gravity Highway collided with loaded tanker Maritime Maisie Off Busan

On sea trial Car Carrier Gravity Highway collided with loaded tanker Maritime  Maisie around 0215 LT Dec 29 13, around 9 nautical miles off Busan. 27 crew chemical tanker with 29337 tons of flammable chemicals on board caught fire after collision. All 91 people from both vessels rescued. 16 rescue boats, Navy ships and helicopters were engaged in rescue operation. Authorities said fire was put under control by 1000 LT, firefighting still going on. No chemicals spill reported, Cargo of paraxylene and acrylonitrile around 4000 tons said to burn in the fire.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Captain Sunil James of oil tanker MT Ocean Centurian, who was arrested in July on charges of aiding pirates off the coast of Togo, has been released. He is set to leave for India later today. Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin said, "Securing Captain James release was really difficult. President of Togo intervened and ensured justice." Akbaruddin on Wednesday had said that India's High Commissoner in Accra met with President Gnassingbe of Togo seeking early release of James and other Indian sailors. However, it not yet clear whether the charges levelled against Capt. James have been completely dropped. But Vijayan, another crew member of the vessel, who was arrested along with Capt, James, has also been released.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Immediate Joining ...!

Urgently Required for our foreign going DP2-MPSVs (Yard Delivery) and DP2-AHTS

- Master (FG), Chief Mate (FG), Second Mate (FG) with DP Basic / DP Advance / DP Unlimited license with relevant AHTS/MPSV/PSV Exp.
- Chief Engineer (FG), Second Engineer (FG) with relevant AHTS/MPSV/PSV and DP Exp.
- Third Engineer (FG) with relevant AHTS/MPSV/PSV Exp.
- ETO with Diploma in Electrical / Electronic or Ex Indain Navy from Electrical / Electronic Department and DP Maintenance Certificate.
- Bosun, Oiler, AB with relevant AHTS/PSV Exp. with valid documents.
- Welder, Fitter with offshore vessel Exp. with valid welding Test Certificate.
- Chief Cook with offshore Exp. with COC and Basic food Handling Certificate.

Urgently Required for Product Tanker, Crude Tanker, VLGC, Chiemical Tanker (Type-II & Type-III) & LNG
Master, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer, Second Engineer, Second Officer, Third Engineer, Third Officer, Fourth Engineer, ETO, Gas Engineer, Bosun, AB, Motorman, Chief Cook, Fitters, Deck Cadet, TME

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mariners Planet – Calendar 2014

Greetings from Mariners Planet India Pvt. Ltd.!

Mariners Planet is a Seafarers Portal and is always in its constant endeavor to offer services - which will

have positive impact on lives of each one of us.

Please find attached “CALENDAR – 2014” with positive & vibrant hopes for the coming year.

Thank You for being associated with Mariners Planet in all possible ways.

Kind Regards,

Capt. Avtar Singh

Team – Mariners Planet

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Product tanker Theresa Bitung caught fire, Crew Rescued in South China Sea

Product tanker Theresa Bitung caught fire in South China Sea on Nov 27 13.
Tanker was on ballast voyage from China to Singapore, Greek bulk carrier Maiden
Voyage picked up the crew several hours later and will deliver them to HK.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mariners Planet wishes you a very Happy Karwa Chauth

May The Moon Light, Flood Your Life With Happiness & Joy, Peace & Harmony. Happy Karwa Chauth

Friday, October 11, 2013

Mariners Planet wishes you a very happy Vijaya Dashami to all Seafarer

Mariners Planet  wishes you a very happy Vijaya Dashami to all Seafarer. For further details Visit @

Monday, October 7, 2013

Relatives of Captain asking for help who disappeared from vessel under his command, container ship O.M. Agarum, under suspicious circumstances

Relatives of Captain Yuriy Nikolayev wrote to Maritime Bulletin, asking to help them to find out, what happened to their son and husband. He disappeared from vessel under his command, container ship O.M. Agarum, under suspicious circumstances. Vessel left Kingston, Jamaica, in the morning Sep 15 13, bound for Rotterdam. In the evening the crew made a barbeque, a friendly feast for all. Later Captain and officers moved to ship’s office, and continued barbeque party there. Finally, late at night, only two people were left, Captain and 25-year old 2-nd officer. Shortly after, Second Officer rushed bleeding into cabin of a Chief Officer, claiming he was stabbed with the knife in the neck by Master. His further explanations differ according to different source. In one he said Master jumped overboard, in another he said Master ran to his cabin. Chief Officer called other people capable off attending the wound, which was stitched up and bandaged. Nobody called Captain, to find out what happened, or to check his condition. Early in the morning on Sep 16 Chief Officer called Captain, and found out his disappearance. He issued a distress call, received by US Coast Guard, Atlantic area Command. US Coast Guard was alerted at 0445 Quebec Time 16.9.13, Captain was last seen at 2340Q 15.9.13. Vessel at the time, was 55 nautical miles southwest of Great Inagua, The Bahamas. Two USCG cutters and helicopters were involved in S&R operation. Container ship O.M. Agarum also took part in S&R. After 30 hours of fruitless search covering area of 2050 square miles, operation was suspended, though Navigational Warning to all vessels in the area remained in force. Second Officer meanwhile, was evacuated to hospital on Providenciales Island, wound wasn’t life-threatening. O.M. Agarum interrupted her voyage and made a call to Providenciales Island, where she anchored sometime during Sep 17. In the evening that day a new Captain arrived on board of the vessel, accompanied by crewing Marlow Navigation Company’s superintendant, they both flew to Providenciales Island from Odessa, Ukraine. Vessel resumed voyage. Relatives say they are kept in dark by crewing company Marlow Navigation, as to the circumstances of the accident and the investigation results. Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs isn’t of much help, either. Relatives are pleading for help, asking anyone who can shred some light on the accident, or just has some additional information, inform them either directly by mailing to or by mailing to Maritime Bulletin, There is still a possibility, albeit very slim, that the Captain was picked up by some boat or vessel, unconscious or incapable of identifying himself.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Immediate Joining...!!!!

Bridgeview Maritime Pvt. Ltd.

Urgently Required......

1. Chief Engineer for 47000 DWT Product Tanker (Salary : USD 11000/- +)

2. Second Engineer for 47000 DWT Product Tanker ( Salary : USD 8000/-)

3. Second Officer for AHTs / DP vessel ( Salary USD 100/- per day +)

4. Cook with COC ( Salary USD 700/- including leave wages)

Cooking skill: Indian /Continental/Filipino/Indonesian

5. AB for AHTs ( Salary USD 750/- including Leave wages)

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Immediate Joining…!!!!

Bridgeview Maritime Pvt. Ltd. Urgently Required for Tankers

1. Master
2. Chief Engineer
3. Chief Officer
4. Second Engineer
5. Second Officer
6. Third Officer
7. Third Engineer
8. Fourth Engineer
9. Junior Engineer
10. Oiler
11. AB
12. Fitter
13. Cook
14. GS
15. Deck Cadet
16. OS
17. Wiper
18. Electrical Officer
19. Bosun
20. Pumpman

Friday, August 30, 2013

A. Willard Ivers Shipping Brokering Logistics Chartering in New Jersey USA

Immediate Joining Urgently Required

                                                                Immediate Joining Urgently Required

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Maritime (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Master for LNG Vessel (Preferably Q-Flex/Q-Max Exp.)
Chief Officer for Pure Car Carrier (Urgent)/ VLOC/ Cape Size Bulk Carrier/ Large Container Vessel.
Second Officer for Pure Care Carrier (with Superior Ticket) & Bulk Carrier (with Superior Ticket)
Chief Engineer for LNG Vessel (Preferably Q-Flex/Q-Max Exp.) & (Steam)
First Asst. Engineer for Pure Car Carrier (Urgent)/ Cape Size Bulk Carrier/ Large Container Vessel (RT Flex)
Second Asst. Engineer for LPG Vessel
Gas Engineer for LPG Vessel (2AE with Min. 6 Month Exp. can also apply)
AB for Dry Cargo Vessels
OS for Dry Cargo Vessels
Oiler for Dry Cargo Vessels
Chief Cook for Dry Cargo Vessels
Messman for Dry Cargo Vessels

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Chief engineer jailed for 2 weeks in Singapore over bunker scam

The Singapore court has sentenced a chief engineer to two weeks' jail over a scam involving $18,000 worth of marine fuel, local reports said. Russian national Antonov Sergey, who was also fined SGD30,000 ($23,400), had secretly struck a deal with a bunker supplier to shortchange his vessel by 120 metric tonnes of bunker fuel. The shortchanged fuel was then sold to an unknown buyer and in return, Sergey corruptly received $8,400 for covering up the botched bunkering operations. Sergey's ship, Front Splendour, had ordered 2,700 metric tonnes of bunker fuel when it called at the port of Singapore in January. The Russian national had then agreed to accept only 2,580 metric tonnes after being bribed, allegedly by cargo officer Jason Choo. Sergey then falsified documents to his employers to cover up the bunker fuel shortfall. Choo and two other alleged accomplices have been charged and their cases are pending. A joint operation earlier this year involving the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) had uncovered the corrupt bunkering deal. Deputy public prosecutor Asoka Markandu said Sergey should be jailed “to send a strong message to the international community that Singapore takes a serious view of illegal bunkering activities”. Source: Seatrade Global

Monday, August 19, 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ferry Sinks in Collision in Philippines; 28 Dead, 213 Missing

A ferry with more than 800 people aboard sank near the central Philippine port of Cebu after colliding with a cargo vessel, killing at least 28 people. Hundreds of others were rescued, the coast guard said on Saturday.
Dozens were still missing, but authorities could not give an official figure.
The captain of the ferry MV Thomas Aquinas ordered the ship abandoned after it began listing and then sank after the collision late on Friday, coast guard deputy chief Rear Adm. Luis Tuason said.
Cebu coast guard chief, Cmdr. Weniel Azcuna, said 28 people, including children, were confirmed dead and 629 passengers had been rescued by early Saturday.
However, DPA sources report that the military confirms the death toll to have risen to 35 as rescuers searched for more than 200 still missing.
Speaking by telephone from Cebu, Azcuna said they were still searching the waters for survivors. He also said authorities were still trying to determine the actual number of people on board.
In a statement, ferry owner 2Go said the roll-on-roll-off ship had 752 passengers, 118 crew including children and infants and carried 104 6-meter steel containers.
Navy divers recovered at least four more bodies from the underwater wreck early Saturday. “There could be more bodies there, but there were ropes inside that our divers could get entangled in,” Tuason said.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Urgently Required

Immediate Joining...!!!!

Urgently Required

1. Master for Tankers - 2 Nos
2. Cook - 3 Nos
3. Electrical Officer with Offshore Experience - 4 Nos
4. AB - Should have done Anchor Handling - 5 Nos
5. Bosun with Offshore Experience - 5 Nos
6. Master with NCV certificate having DC - 2 Nos
7. Chief Officer with Offshore Experience - 2 Nos
8. Chief Engineer for Tankers - 2 Nos
9. Second Engineer - 3 Nos
10. Second Officer - 2 Nos
11. Third Officer - 3 Nos
12. Third Engineer - 2 Nos
13. Fourth Engineer - 4 Nos

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Immediate Joining In Merchant Navy Jobs

1. Master for Bulk Carrier - 3 Nos        2. Chief Engineer for Bulk Carrier - 4 Nos     3. Cook for offshore vessel - 5 Nos        4. Oiler for Tankers - 3 Nos       5. GS - 6 Nos  & Upload your cv on Mariners

Friday, July 19, 2013

Greek bulker Panamax Blessing and Harmony Rise collision off Korean coast, Japan sea

Greek bulk carrier Panamax Blessing collided with Chinese general cargo vessel Harmony Rise at around 04:00 LT July 10 13, around 6.5 nautical miles off Korean coast, Japan sea. Panamax Blessing was proceeding north, Harmony Rise south. Vessels collided on opposite courses obviously due to watch officers mistakes, while trying to avoid collision. Panamax Blessing struck Harmony Rise starboard, Chines freighter sank shortly after collision. 12 Chinese crew went into life rafts and was rescued, reportedly by Panamax Blessing. Bulk carrier suffered bow damages. General cargo vessel Harmony Rise was en route from Tanchon, North Korea. Bulk carrier Panamax Blessing was en route from Argentina to Ulsan, Korea.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Port of Colombo the largest and busiest port in Sri Lanka as well as in South Asia

The Port of Colombo in Sri Lanka the largest and busiest port in Sri Lanka as well as in South Asia.
Located in the capital Colombo, on the southwestern shores on the Kelani River, it serves as an important terminal in Asia due to its strategic location in the Indian Ocean. In the 1980s, the port underwent rapid modernization with the installation of state-of-the-art cargo-handling equipments. Currently it has a capacity of 4.1 million TEUs and a dredged depth of over 15 metres.
The terminal is one of the busiest ports in the world and ranks among the top 35 ports. It is also one of the biggest artificial harbours in the world handling most of the country's foreign trade. It has an annual cargo tonnage of 30.9 million tons.

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Two vessels collide off Southern Greece, Cargo ship sank

A cargo ship sank off southern Greece after colliding with another freighter Monday, leaving two Syrian seamen dead and eight others missing and spurring a large rescue operation, officials said.
The accident occurred before 7am (0400GMT) some 125 kilometres southwest of the southern Peloponnese peninsula, a Merchant Marine Ministry statement said.
It was not immediately clear what caused the collision between the Antigua-flagged container ship and the Cook Islands-flagged research vessel in the Mediterranean Sea.
Weather conditions were good at the time, which facilitated rescue efforts involving coast guard vessels, merchant ships, a rescue helicopter and an airforce C-130 transport plane, The Associated Press reported.
The research vessel, which was carrying a cargo of fertilizer to a Ukrainian port, sank, and seven of its crew of 17 Syrian seamen were rescued. Two bodies were pulled out of the sea a few hours after the collision.
The container ship, sailing without freight from Turkey to Malta, had 16 Russian, Filipino and Polish seamen on board, all were unhurt, the ministry said.

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Revised MARPOL Annex V Garbage Regulation Implementation

The USCG has published an Interim Rule which implements the revised MARPOL Annex V garbage regulation. All vessels calling in US waters are expected to be fully compliant with the amended Annex V regulations, and USCG Port State Control will be carrying out inspections to verify compliance.
The differences between existing US regulations and the amended MARPOL Annex V are as follows. While the applicabilityhas not changed, there are notable changes in the general reporting format of the garbage record book to account for the increased restrictions on the discharge of garbage into the sea. The garbage record book, whether as part of the ship's official logbook or otherwise, should be in the form specified in Resolution MEPC.201(62).
Moreover, requirements for domestic oceangoing ships have not changed. However, the applicability for non-US flagged ships that engage in international voyages has been reduced from 400 gross tonnage and above to 100 gross tonnage and above. Garbage management plans should reflect collecting, on board storage, and final disposition of garbage per the revised requirements.
While the applicability has not changed, placards must be updated to reflect the new garbage discharge requirements. Until US regulations are updated to reflect the new garbage discharge regime and placards are readily available, US flagged ships operating exclusively on domestic voyages may continue to use existing placards. US flagged ships on international voyages and visiting ports of a country that are party to MARPOL Annex V will need to meet the annex's placarding requirements to avoid possible port state control action.

Source: UK P&I Club

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Electrical Equipment and Installation

Surveyors should ensure that the details and arrangements of the electrical equipment and its installation
comply with the statutory regulations. Generators, motors and transforming equipment intended for services in connection with the propulsion and safety of the ship should be inspected during construction. The works and shipboard tests should also be personally supervised. Machines and transforming equipment of less than 100kW could be accepted without survey at the manufacturing works if satisfactory maker's test certificates are supplied detailing the results of tests to determine the operating characteristics, temperature rise, insulation resistance and dielectric strength. Where reasonably practicable, installations and equipment should be designed and located such that services which are essential for the propulsion and safety of the ship will not fail in the event of partial flooding of the ship's machinery space. Due consideration should be given to space limitations and the intended service of the ship. The load shedding, or other arrangements provided, should not interfere with the supply to electrical services which are essential for the propulsion and safety of the ship and which must be maintained after shedding non- essential loads. The essential services include those auxiliaries necessary for propulsion, bilge and fire pumping, navigation lights, essential lighting, steering gear, navigational aids required by the Merchant Shipping Regulations, communication and alarm systems required for safety, watertight doors and engine and boiler room ventilation. Source: MCA

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Merchant Navy Jobs on Tankers........

Merchant Navy Jobs on Tankers

Urgently Require
for New Fleet of owner operated Product, Chemical & Aframax Tankers
Chief Engineer/Chief Officer/Second Engineer/Third Engineer/Second Officer/ETO/Chief Cook

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