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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Got injured onboard on Cruise Ship? Know What to do

Think of yourself on a holiday vacation on a cruise ship. You are enthusiastic about the voyage and leisure.  But what if you see someone seriously injured in the beginning of your trip on cruise ship? Or what if you were the one who got hurt? On cruise ships many people are injured each year. Many of these people are unaware of how to take proper legal action. Do not let yourself to be the part of those unaware people. Cruise lines and their ships are regulated by maritime law; it’s not same as law on land. So here are some things you need to keep in your mind when you see someone got hurt or you got injured onboard on Cruise Ship to be fit to file a suit: 
·         Reporting the incident to the ship authorities i.e. to the Security department. Immediately repot the occurrence by writing down the details of the incident that where it took place, time and date, plus a brief description of what and how happened.
·         Take pictures of the incident and the injuries. It will document your injuries and incident.
·         Witness the incident. Get the witness of the accident. As many witnesses you have better the case you can prove. Get the phone no, name and address.
·         Get treatment of your injuries whenever possible by a licensed physician.
·         Hire a Maritime lawyer to handle your case. He/she must be experienced enough so that he/she can able to provide you compensation.
Never falsify your injuries. Possibility is more for you o win if the jury found you genuine and truthful.

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